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Tri Energy Asset Management, Inc., “TEAM”, was formed in 2008 by Carolyn Gibbs, Gary Goldsmith and Randy Helms to provide exemplary comprehensive services to oil and gas exploration companies.


Our clients include majors, independents, private equity concerns, law firms, banks, and pipeline and midstream entities.

Our expertise has allowed TEAM to accomplish its goals in providing unprecedented land and transaction services for over a decade.


  • Website re-design

  • Social media creation  

  • Social media management

  • Content writing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Local business marketing

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • WWW Icon



Jessica has a wonderful grasp of social media and promotion. She helped formulate a strategy for our company, which had none to give us a strong presence online. She is innovative and creative and has the experience to help promote any business. We continue to work with her and recommend her if your business needs help in an online strategy.

Gary Goldsmith, CFO at T.E.A.M.


TEAM has always conducted business by word or mouth via their very large networking pool in the Houston oil and gas industry. As time progressed, those connections have now rotated to a younger generation; who uses social media and online research before making contract decisions. Thus, TEAM had to change their marketing strategy by investing in a modern website and growing their digital footprint.


First, we identified their goals and explored their current digital presence. This allowed JKP Consulting to set up a clear plan of action of what was needed in order to surpass their competitors and take their business to the next level. We suggested to:

  • Update their local business to make all company information cohesive

  • Create social media platforms relevant to their business 

  • Recreate their website with a fresh, modern design with SEO 

  • Draft content for their blog and social media feeds


With these changes, TEAM was able to grow their digital footprint and increase their overall business. Other business processes that were explored are email marketing, client service surveys and feedback.

Marketing team meeting

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